Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Olympic Torch has arrived in Squamish!

Today was a phenomenal day...I incorrectly thought the Olympic Torch arrived in my town tomorrow but then saw the relay on the road as I was driving home! I ran home and grabbed my camera and headed down to the festivities at Brennan Park.

Sporting my Olympic Red Mittens in support of Canadian Athletes!

Crowd awaiting the torch's arrival

The beauty of living in a small town is that I was able to get very close to the torch and even hold it at one point. The photographer will release the photo of myself with the torch in 48 hours so I will post it when I get it!

The final torchbearer for the evening, the torch remains in Squamish
tonight and the relay continues tomorrow.

The energy of the crowd was absolutely amazing. Check it out!

The torch relay continues its route 5 doors down from my front door tomorrow morning so I will be sure to stand outside and cheer the torch on as it makes it way to Whistler. Olympic Fever has come to Squamish...Whistler...Vancouver...BC! I also cannot wait to attend the hockey game that I scored tickets to! GO CANADA!

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